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Loughborough University 

BA Fine Art - 2014 - 2017 

BTEC Art and Design Foundation 2013 - 2014 


Webinart Member - 2019 


I’m a young, emerging Leicestershire based artist, living and working in Loughborough. I studied Fine Art at Loughborough University and after graduating in 2017 have continued to pursue my passion for fine art.  I mainly make my own canvases and work in a little studio in Leicester. I primarily work in acrylic paint, mixed media and stitch. Through experimentation I create unique textures and marks, by layering different types of papers, paint and found material, I create depth and perception of distance within my work.

The focus of my current series of works are inspired by my memories and walks of the Derbyshire Peak District, specifically around Frogatt and Stanedge Edge. I capture my memory of space through texture, colour and mark making; my quick bold brush strokes for example represent the howling winds that surround one when climbing the hills, whilst the fine textures and marks recreate the feeling of hands brushing through overgrown grass and boots crunching on earth and rocks. Through the consideration of scale, my work encapsulates the feeling of being surrounded by the natural landscape and ultimately immersing the viewer into my work.

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